Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bloodlust by Jhonathan Tapia

            I don’t know exactly what’s happening to me, but I feel exhausted. After finding the emergency raft in the plane and got on it without thinking, I’m just laying somewhere, unable to open my eyes, overseas I think. I can hear the water splashing near, as well as the wind blowing at high speed… Another thing I can feel is my stomach contracting, twisting, a vortex of acid wanting to come out of me. That was my alarm clock today, me vomiting my guts out on the ocean. I squinted eagerly below the scorching sun to see my surroundings…shore.
            As soon as I get there, I fall hard, face-first on the medium wet sand. I heard the muffled thump, but didn’t flinch; maybe it was shock or something.
            “Mother, what’s wrong with the lady?” an innocent voice said preoccupied.
            A sort screech came after that, my head wanted to explode.
            “Call the lifeguard, somebody!” the mother screamed.
            I tried to stand, but that high-pitched sound was still in my head, burning every single brain cell I had left. I saw how the mother knelt and started talking, I heard nothing. I only saw her lips move. I simply closed my eyes, stood up and started walking to God knows where. I thought I could escape the sound. Both mother and daughter started following me, I could feel them close…
Feel them…close? I haven’t opened my eyes yet. How can I detect someone is following me, when I can’t hear or see?
I opened my eyes and saw a huge crowd ahead of me. Of all places, why did I land on a crowded beach? The mother came to me and said something about a doctor and how I will get better. Reading lip’s not as easy as it seems. Why does everyone look surprised, sort of scared?
I saw a man in green coming; I guess that’s the doctor. He came really close to me and started touching my arms, neck and asking if I could feel any of that, if it hurt. I stared blankly at him.
“I’m gonna take her to the clinic, I need you two to come with me as friends of her or family, just to not ignore protocol, I can’t take her alone to the hospital.”
As far as I can recall, he talks too much. I mean, he’s mouth won’t stop moving. Sooner after, they helped me get in the van and injected me with some kind of relaxant I suppose.

I woke up on a bed, surrounded by monitors and hospital stuff, a pulse oximeter on and the doctor quite near.
“You’re awake. I’m Doctor Smith… can you see me well, no dizziness? ” he said in a far-too-calmed voice.
“Yes… I can see you” I said and felt awkward by those words.
The mother and daughter came in with happy faces. The little girl carried flowers on a pot. Lilies.
“She insisted on bringing you flowers, I hope you don’t mind” the mother said shyly.
“Nn…no, not…at all” I seemed to be struggling with my words.
Dr. Smith took them outside to finish with whatever I had and stood in front of me, taking all the cables I had in me. Such exaggerated matters, I felt perfectly fine.
I didn’t understand what the commotion was about. In fact, I could barely understand anything, anybody. This time all I heard was the beating of something.
            “Ma’am, may I please ask you what your name is?” the doctor asked.
            “Mm…ar…jo…rie” it came out, but I didn’t hear anything but the beating. “Marjorie Kaifer” I thought I repeated.
            That sound was very familiar, like a hammer hitting multiple times on cloth. I couldn’t help but to look at the doctor’s face, then his neck. I swear I saw his jugular pump, rippling slowly, slithering like a snake… It looked…appetizing.
            I threw myself at him, grasping his waist with my feet and a side of his neck with one of my hands. I couldn’t help myself but to lick where it pulsed. What was happening? I couldn’t control myself. It made me crazy, that sound. I wished it would stop, but at the same time didn’t. I clasped myself; he was struggling to get me off him for a while until I looked at his eyes. I thought of tasting him, like he was some sort of candy bar. He didn’t fight it anymore. Soon after that it was more than a lick, a lustful sensation of the beating.
            I bit him hard on his neck. I saw and felt how his blood came spraying and pouring out of him. I was lost in the delicious metallic taste; it felt so warm down my throat. I couldn’t stop, he collapsed begging for mercy; that made me even more drawn to finish my meal…
            My meal?!
That’s when I knew something was something was wrong with me…

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