Thursday, December 29, 2011

Eternal by Jhonathan Tapia

In the verge of nothingness.
Where nobody suspects,
Where nobody cares.
What do you expect to find?
Radiant gardens,
The bluest sky,
Or maybe Gaia?
Well, you find a piece of the goddess herself.

I don’t even know why I’m lying here,
Watching nothing above me.
To my sides, wastelands, dark ones.
Up front, to the edge of this, a hole.
A dark abyss, paned pillars.
Individual structures meant to be jumped.
But, why would I even try to reach…
Why would I try to go to the other side,
If you’re not here with me?

I thought, maybe that’s the reason, you.

I look forward and I can barely see anything.
Just the pillars.
I jumped each with precaution.
It was useless.
They were fragile and falling.
I run and jump the highest.
I can’t stop now.

I’m tired and you were my last thought.
Now I can’t get you off my mind.
As I’m running, jumping,
Your sweet face comes up.
You’re my mirage on this wasteland.

Now I’m struggling.
Can you keep me alive?
I see something, someone…
It is far, but I can get there.
I reaching…
I know that face.
Can it be possible?

I reach, my eyes are burning.
This can’t be happening.
I think the illusion is stronger now.
I no longer see a translucent thought of you,
I see you in detail…
I grasp to the feeling that you may be real.
And I kiss you,
I hold you,
Your face.
I look at your eyes,
Sorrowful, grieving.
I asked, you didn’t answer.

On that moment the earth moves.
Every thought of happiness crumbled.
We have to start moving.
I expected you to react,
To scream.
At least I thought you would give me a sign.

You raised your hand and pointed forward.
I grab your hand as hard as I could.
I won’t let you go now…

We are running.
I have everything I ever wanted.
If we die, we die together,
But we would die, trying.

“I love you”

I heard it.
Or did I imagine it?
I couldn’t tell,
I couldn’t lose concentration.
I made an effort to look at you.
You didn’t look at me back.

I see splendor,
I see glow.
A light that will surely kill us.
It’s getting closer,
Closer and closer.
We reach,
I let go of you.

I admire every single thing on this space.
The glowing tree, it blinded me.
The garden, impossible.
How could nothingness create such beauty?
I turn my gaze to you.
And you weren’t there.
I returned my gaze to where I had it,
In hopes to see you near…
Everything was burning.
The flames, overwhelming.
I lost…
The earth shattered.
I’m falling.
Flaming particles brush my face.
They burn me.
But it did not hurt because…
The last thought I had was of you.

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