Thursday, December 29, 2011

Perfect Slumber by Jhonathan Tapia

I'm about to die for you, I'm getting worse every minute. You provoke a burning rage that consumes me. It takes my life away...
            What am I supposed to do, with someone that makes me feel like that? Is it possible to love in this situation? It seems I am blindfolded, that white misty fog that prevents me to see what's really happening. But yet, that dangerous and beautiful mist, takes me away to a forest, the forest, of love.
            Is this a lie? If it is, this is my beautiful lie, you're my beautiful lie. I cannot see through these obstacles. I can't find my way out of this forest, of this labyrinth. A million ways to take but none are the right path to choose.
            I lie there hopeless, waiting for you to give me a sign on how to get out of here. In front of a tree, that seems to be giving life to this forest. It feels like days have passed and I'm still lying there, waiting. At last I hear something in this awful silence, it was the sound of multiple voices leading to yours.
            Happiness pulsed through my heart and hope through my veins. But yet again, this was another obstacle. How was I going to be able to tell what you were saying, when you were lost as well between those voices?
            I got up, confused, as if your voice told me to. Walking, until I reached a gap, a huge hole in the ground, that separated my world from yours. At the far end of horizon I saw a light, this time I heard your voice, your voice only, it said: "That light that you see is the exit, but the end of it all". I was certain that I needed to follow your request. But how I was going to reach the other side?
            I knew this was the only chance to reunite with you. As I stood, motionless, I thought: "What if this is yet another obstacle? Why if you love me, you put me through all of this?
   The only path I had was the horizon itself. I started walking the never-ending road, with all of my senses blocked. I couldn't see, there was nothing near to touch but the ground itself, I could not taste or smell. I relied in only one thing, your voice.
            A long journey lied ahead of me, I did not give up, and I kept going. After a while, it felt like I walked a thousand miles, with nothing on my head until sudden flashes came on to me and I realized they were memories. This memories projected on my mind, in a brief second that seemed to last a lot. It was me, escorting you to my car, holding hands, but that vision changed from that beautiful stage to a bloodier one where you and I were on the floor, and suffering. What was this? Were you trying to give me another sign?
            I wasn’t sure if you were trying to confuse me or help me. You gave me so many hints on how I could get out of there, but it was impossible for me. Then, I started to realize that this alternate place had to mean something, does it? More of the bloody scene came on to me, this time clearer than ever. I remember now. We had a car accident a few days ago and somehow I was wandering in my sleep. I figured out that I was between the lines of life and death in that moment. The sound of my heart brought me to life again, I slowly opened my eyes, squinting, I saw you my beloved. That was the nicest thing that could ever happen to me, you smiled, a sudden beep came out of the machines, and I knew what was happening so I held your hand and a black curtain covered my eyes. As I said, it took my life away, far away from what I loved the most, you…

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