Thursday, December 29, 2011

Near the End by Jhonathan Tapia

I remember the first time. The first time I knew something was wrong with me. Trying my best to forget about it, but still, those were the times when it stressed the most. Living a normal life wasn't something I could put on my list. I just...dealt with it. It all started on the fifteen of November, 2009.
I woke up that morning a different way, I wasn't myself; crying over nothing, depressed, lonesome. It was a time of confusion and anger. I cried because I had family problems. I was sick of being treated like a child, among other problems that is. It was the beginning of a bigger responsibility not anyone could imagine.
I ran away, away from my problems. I didn't face any of them. They were a lot of repressed feelings in me, I was disgusted with myself and everybody else. At that moment, you called. You told me that it was time to take the first step of evolution.
It has been two months now since that event occurred. I was desperate and bleeding, bleeding from that wound deep in my heart. From there, I started to change my way of living, my way of being. Everything was brand new, a new me.
You see, if it wasn't for you I'd be stuck the way I was. I'm happy now, with this change. I've gained confidence and experience throughout it. I'll never forget your words, your voice so unfamiliar when it said "Go on, you have a long journey ahead of you, a life so full of excitements waiting to be discovered.” I trusted you, as if I knew you all along.
From that moment on, I relied on you. I loved the way you spoke, the way you faced everything with simplicity. As if I knew you. I decided to look for you on that "journey". Everything was so easy when you helped, but I had to learn to deal problems by myself too and you didn't let me. This is just a little piece of my life that nobody knew, my hidden treasure...

I’ve been waiting for “this change” for quite some time now. February came, my skin was getting paler, my hair was changing its color, all sorts of changes and I didn’t know what was going on with me... Was it some kind of decease? It wasn’t normal because I’ve looked in every kind of data base for information, Med books, everything.
“It’s... Time” you said, this time you were in pain. I could tell by the sound of your voice.
I was preparing myself for the worse because I knew there was something bad happening with you.
Enraged with all of the repressed feelings inside me, I raised my hand as soon as I heard you in such pain and something happened, something that normally wouldn’t happen outside. I heard screaming this time, some rumbling, cracking... What the hell is happening outside? What’s happening to me?
Suddenly, I felt a gut-aching pain; I could not compare this to any known illness. I screamed. This time, everything in my room fell and broke; a huge explosion came out of that scream. I couldn’t control myself, even though somehow I was the

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